rufino espresso


Rufino Espresso exemplifies the essence of a rich tradition, one that has captured the passion of generations - ensuring that each brew encompasses the intoxicating aromas and rich, complex, and balanced flavours that work in harmony to achieve a cup like no other.


The finest specialty coffee beans are stringently selected from the world’s coffee producing countries, and then meticulously roasted with a unique system... where passion and precision work in harmony to create consistently great tasting coffees. With the capability to incorporate specific profiles developed for each coffee and the precise control of roasting temperatures, the system allows for direct control of the roasting process and as a result, the overall quality of coffee.





The finest coffees from around the coffee producing world: ever evolving and flawless, they are sourced with a focus on each region's celebrated characteristics. The complex conditional factors involved in the cultivation and farming of coffee beans produce distinctive aromas and flavours. Unique flavours of estate and single origin coffees travel to your cup, and they are accompanied by rich aromas that will indulge every coffee drinker. 





Offering certified organic coffees allows us to provide a coffee that is grown without Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), grown and processed without the use of pesticides and herbicides to benefit consumers, farmers and our environment. 



Fair trade certified coffees

To guarantee that farmers are given a minimum price and premium above the market, we offer Fair Trade Certified coffees. We support the high ethical standards that Fair Trade Certified upholds to ensure sustainability and quality, and to improve the social, economic, and environmental conditions within coffee farming communities.





By creating unique and satisfying coffee blends, we are able to achieve consistent and delectable taste profiles that are sure to suit every palate. Diverse flavour experiences are realized through blending various great-tasting coffees based on their distinctive flavours, acidity, and body. Working with each coffee's prominent flavour profile, we are able to blend those that complement each other in exciting ways.


Decaffeinated coffees


We are pleased to offer Swiss Water® Decaffeinated Coffee: an all-natural, chemical free process that results in 99.9% caffeine free coffee. The process is distinguished by its ability to retain origin character to guarantee that each coffee's flavour profile is maintained. We highly value a decaffeinated coffee that is crafted by a company whose values of quality, sustainability, and utmost care are its guiding principles.

The combination of water, time, and temperature allows Swiss Water® Decaffeinated Coffee to migrate only caffeine from the beans, so they are able to sustain the coffee's pleasing taste.

® is a trademark of Swiss Water® Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc. used under license by Classic Gourmet Coffee Corp.

® is a trademark of Swiss Water® Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc. used under license by Classic Gourmet Coffee Corp.