From sourcing to roasting, at Classic we make a conscious effort to ensure our practice is ethically and environmentally sound. We purchase only the finest coffees available and pay beyond market value, hence the growers are rewarded for their skill and dedication to producing exceptional coffees. 


Classic’s facility is powered by 100% renewable energy, through Bullfrog Power’s natural means of wind and hydro electricity generation. Carbon emissions have always been an unfortunate yet unavoidable byproduct of the roasting process. Our unique system allows us to reduce these emissions and fuel consumption by as much as 77%* versus conventional systems. By means of a recirculating system we are able to retain heat energy and force the byproduct back into the flame to be burned away, eliminating the need for an afterburner.

*Values calculated from data obtained from tests by Dr.Jacob Freedman, department of mechanical engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

Classic Gourmet Coffee has been proudly choosing green energy with Bullfrog Power since 2010. Bullfrog’s generators put green electricity onto the grid to match the amount of conventional electricity our roastery uses. Bullfrog ensures the energy going onto the grid on our behalf is coming from clean, renewable sources—displacing energy from polluting sources.



Profile roasting is the ultimate technology for obtaining consistent, high quality coffee. The countless hours spent at the cupping table to select the best coffee is only a small part in the task of producing an ideal cup. Many complexities already exist within the bean (in it’s natural state), then there are the chemical and physical changes which take place during the roast process as a result of heat being applied to it. Different reactions occur at varying temperatures throughout the roasting cycle.

By precisely controlling the temperature we are able to control the changes that take place. Once we determine the ideal parameters for specific coffees we can repeat the process over and over again, each single origin, blend and roast level has a dedicated roasting profile. While the color of the bean is determined by the final roast temperature, the overall quality of the roast is determined by the journey (profile) of the beans throughout the roast cycle.